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Our timeless FSDU design creates standout in the beauty aisles for Philips Lumea.

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Bringing a brand to life in-store

Philips Lumea is a high-end beauty device that uses IPL (intense pulse light) technology to remove unwanted hair. To help educate and inspire potential Lumea customers, the Linney Displays team set about creating an educational, stand-out display in Boots retail spaces. As Philips was going through a rebrand at the time of the project, the design of our permanent display needed to be timeless, reflecting the quality and durability of the product.

Creative concepts

We created four distinct FSDU (free standing display unit) concepts to promote the Lumea in Boots stores, working closely with our client to reach their specific goals. Using a combination of creative expertise and practical flair, we designed a permanent unit that is truly timeless. Its interchangeable panels give longevity to the unit, enabling it to be re-used for product developments and rebrands.

Educational display

The product is a non-impulse, high-end purchase – so education around it was a key part of our creative work. Our innovative, cost-effective and interchangeable solution holds a dummy device alongside three lamp attachments for a truly immersive experience – without the need for a power supply. The unit also holds literature and advice to aid the customer journey.

Fuss-free fulfilment

Linney worked tirelessly with Philips, our client’s preferred distributor, and the retailer (Boots) to ensure seamless delivery of the unit to stores. We acted as a centralised project manager, coordinating all parties to save time and remove duplicated effort in the supply chain.

Sustainable system

Philips can re-use the FSDU repeatedly over multiple campaigns, supporting our goals to deliver more sustainable in-store fixtures and reduce carbon emissions. No active electronics are used in the unit. Despite this, the product’s features are still displayed effectively – thanks to our imaginative design.


Following installation of our FSDU, Philips saw a 320% increase in store sales over a nine-month period.

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