Digital transformation for classic cars

We’re helping M&C Wilkinson’s classic cars shine in a new light with a modernised approach to marketing.

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Marketing luxury

Combining our expertise in ecommerce and online retail with our passion for creating beautiful imagery, Linney partnered with M&C Wilkinson to help our client’s iconic cars shine in a new light.

Brand transformation

The world of classic cars is a highly complex business sector that thrives on preserving and restoring motoring heritage, as well as intelligently marketing luxury products to a discerning global audience. M&C Wilkinson, specialising in the restoration of classic Jaguar cars, has been in business for two generations. It recently sought help from Linney Create with a comprehensive brand transformation project, including the design and build of a new website and Shopify sales portal to help market its beautiful cars in all their glory.

Celebrating heritage

M&C Wilkinson’s facilities are staffed by expert engineers and historic car specialists, offering the very finest in assembly restoration servicing and maintenance of classic Jaguars. Our creative team worked with our client to communicate and market each of the brand’s key selling points through clever website design, succinct user-centred messaging and a simple Shopify function.

Slick new website

It was important for the new site to reflect dedication to the historic Jaguar brand, showcasing M&C Wilkinson’s ability to preserve and maintain tradition – and celebrate technological modernity. We planned and executed a studio photography shoot to capture some of the company’s painstaking mechanical work, involving our specialist creative and photography teams. The result was a new adaptive website covering the key parts of the business that featured restoration, preservation, history, parts and contacts. If you’re a classic Jaguar owner (actual or prospective), there’s only one address to visit.

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