AR app for global fitness brand

How we’ve used film, 3D and app creative to bring Wattbike’s products to life for customers across the world.

  • App design
  • Creative services
  • 3D
  • UX

Virtual challenges

World-leading static bike company Wattbike has one major challenge when it comes to its sales process: demonstrating the features of its products to clients across the world, without necessarily having showrooms in each location.

App development

In close collaboration with our client, Linney’s 3D animation, UX and digital development teams have developed a clever new app, allowing potential customers to view and explore existing and new products and make direct sales enquires.

Augmented reality

Our Wattbike augmented reality app was built using Unity and is available on iOS and Android for mobile and tablet. It features Wattbike’s two leading bike models, allowing users to view the products in augmented reality, place them in-situ at their home or workplace and learn about all their key product features.

downloads in the first few months

“No other equipment manufacturer has used AR in this way, and working with the team at Linney allowed Wattbike to deliver another world first into this market.”

Commercial Marketing Manager, Wattbike

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