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Using expertise and business heritage to create a compelling workwear brand.

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Merging two stories

When workwear, laundry and hygiene services brand Berendsen was bought by Paris-based Elis in September 2017, the change created both opportunities and challenges. Linney was tasked with creatively merging the brands, building on the leading positions both companies had established in similar fields for over a century. The key challenge was to avoid damaging the trust and reputation Berendsen had already built up in the UK as it rebranded to Elis, reflecting its new part in an international story.

Building brand guidelines

Linney’s first job was to interpret and adapt brand guidelines already developed in Paris to give them a UK flavour, retain Berendsen’s values and make the transition clear for all. It was just the start of an exciting new creative partnership.

International relations

Far from simply uniting two brands under one banner, the project was a chance to broaden customer awareness of its combined range of products and services – beyond just workwear. So, as well as introducing a new name, Elis UK, our work for the brand focused on creating a new visual identity that presented it as a supplier of complete solutions – from textiles to hygiene and facility services.

Close collaboration

Working closely together throughout 2018, we learned which of the Paris guidelines had to be rigidly observed, and where we could experiment and challenge. We progressively rebranded existing collateral, including marketing materials, trade show collateral, tender and health and safety documents, site visitor information and internal communications.

“Excellent communication and project management throughout the whole process. A great team to work with.”

Head of Marketing, Elis

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