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A royal retail display

It’s not every day Linney is requested to help with a ‘princess project’.

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Person working on a computer creating the Cinderella dress design

How we made a magical POS display

When our customer of three years, hair care giant John Frieda, requested our expertise on a unique point of sale display, we were delighted to work on something extra special for them.

As the official haircare sponsor for the new Cinderella film, John Frieda wanted to bring the magic in-store to Superdrug. The film, which is streaming on Amazon Prime, is a bold, musical reimagining of the classic fairy-tale. Our creative team was briefed that the retail display must embody the essence of Cinderella, so they gathered a deck of music and artwork from the movie with deep blues, rich purples, moons and stars. After much deliberation, the theme of ‘Midnight’ was selected, as it reflected the whimsical beauty Cinderella symbolises. Of course, the most iconic image of Cinderella is the dress, so our team focused on ensuring it took centre stage on the unit.

Once the design was finalised by John Frieda, and the leading lady, Camela Cabello, the custom retail display stands were put into production. 

Due to the bespoke design, packaging had to be specially created to ensure the unit wasn’t damaged in transit. Several test deliveries were conducted to make sure the units would arrive in perfect condition. With 100 stores initially receiving double units of the full dress, and over 400 stores allocated half units shortly after, prompt delivery was paramount, as the unit was only on display for eight weeks.

Naturally, sustainability was front of mind for production. Our eco-friendly retail displays are made entirely from cardboard and so are easily recycled when they are no longer needed.

Our retail display services

Our world-leading technology ensures we can deliver to the short deadlines needed in point-of-sale displays. Working with customers across many sectors such as, beauty, health and wellbeing plus food means we use best practices and ideas across our work. We can manage a project from beginning to end, from initial designs, to production and fulfilment. Alternatively, we can pick up a project and swiftly fit into your supply chain.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch. 

John Freida POS stand
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