Filming the 4DX-Men

Capturing mutant movie sequel stars’ immersive cinema experience

We’re getting used to rubbing shoulders with Hollywood stars in the course of filming for our client Cineworld Cinemas.

From chats on the red carpet to promoting the multiplex brand’s latest propositions, it’s all in a day’s work for our Linney film crews. Or, more precisely, all in a few minutes’ work, given the often tight windows available to grab great content from the celebs.

Here’s the latest example: joining the stars of X-Men: Dark Phoenix at Cineworld’s Leicester Square to capture their experience of the brand’s 4DX immersive cinema.

Along for the ride were Ready Player One star Tye Sheridan, Cyclops in the mutant sequel, Alexandra Shipp, who plays Storm, and Quicksilver actor Evan Peters.

A crew of three camera operators, a photographer and a producer had just 15 minutes to shoot the trio as they went through the motions – literally – on moving chairs buffeted by wind, rain, scent and strobe effects, then gather their thoughts on the experience.

The end product, which you can watch here, is helping get bums on seats at sites across the UK, where cinemagoers can feel more of the movie.