y: The Linney Podcast

Our new podcast promises an insight into what makes us tick and where we're heading.

Introducing a new Linney podcast that explores creativity and unearths insights into the markets we work across.

Podcasts are an increasingly popular platform for individuals and businesses to share stories. Almost a quarter of the UK population has downloaded or streamed a podcast in the last month and 92% of us are doing something else while we listen – such as commuting, working, cooking or exercising. So, a podcast, like radio, fits seamlessly into our lives.

Our first edition is Christmas 2018: The Linney High Street Lowdown. We spent Christmas 2018 tracking retail campaigns to discover how they played out in store, online and on screen. Which brands flourished during the festive season? Who had a nightmare before Christmas? And what were the dominant themes?

Listen here or visit our SoundCloud page, where you’ll discover further episodes covering the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Follow us on SoundCloud and our social media channels for updates about new episodes of ‘y’.