Y it matters to me

The latest issue of Linney Y magazine asks: does what we own reveal who we are... or want to be?

dark hanging bookshelf isolated on white backgroundThe patent red Jimmy Choos; the old black T-shirt; the polished silver Porsche; the original vinyl pressing of Kind Of Blue; the dog-eared copy of The Color Purple poking out of the ‘vintage’ leather satchel.

Our valued possessions (not always the most valuable, of course) reflect an expression of ourselves; the person we aspire to be/be perceived as.

We invent ourselves – our material selves – to create intrigue, attract lovers, impress colleagues, build friendships. To be talked to… and about. It’s about standing out from the crowd to become part of it. Belonging through belongings.

So, does what we own reveal who we are? Who we want people to think we are? Who we want to become?

In the latest edition of Y, Linney’s magazine exploring creativity, our people share stories of the mementoes, artefacts and plain old junk they treasure. Who possesses what? And what possessed them to hold on to it?

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