Watch: screens in store for Wilko

We recently helped Wilko launch its first ever in-store digital screens project at its new intu Lakeside store.

Coinciding with Wilko’s summer campaign, the store opening gave us the opportunity to create compelling 3D digital displays in Wilko’s shop windows and on the large video wall behind the counter.

The digital screens activity was managed end-to-end by Linney’s MyScreens team – from initial concept, right through to installation of both hardware and software. We shaped the store layout virtually, using our Unity software, before developing a detailed screen content strategy.

The new-look Wilko store was built virtually in Unity software.

Virtual walkthroughs helped create theatre and shape the in-store screens strategy.

Retailers use our VR environments to improve journeys and marketing in their real ones.

Our approach

We defined screen objectives and a content strategy to ensure the right content is communicated to the right audience at the right time.

The window displays are designed to create theatre and drive footfall into store, whereas the behind counter video wall is designed to raise brand awareness, increase repeat visits to store and lower the perceived queue waiting time.

One of the window displays includes three overlapping screens that combine to form one eye-catching, synchronised canvas, promoting offers interacting with the surrounding physical display.

What’s next?

The project marks a six-month trial into the effectiveness of digital content for Wilko.

Linney has started an in-depth insight project, benchmarking the digital Wilko store in Essex against its sister store in Newcastle’s intu Metro centre, which currently does not have digital screens.

We’ll be looking at the role screens and printed material can play in an effective, engaging in-store journey.

All in all, we think it’s a great example of Linney’s work across screens, paper and spaces in action.