Wayne’s world

New Linney exhibit shares a snapshot of a local artist’s unique creations

Visit Linney Create today and you’ll find some eye-catching imagery in our reception area.

Wayne Gathercole, an artist who lives nearby, specialises in working with liquid resins and acrylics to create immersive portraits. For over a decade, he’s worked as a freelance artist and his unique work has been shown in galleries nationwide.

He combines epoxy resin with acrylic paints, pigments, make-up and inks to conjure up intense, expressive and one-off images, controlling the magical mixtures with various heating techniques. This allows for a workable product which can then be manipulated to Wayne’s preference.

Each piece is finished off with a durable, glass-like finish to emphasise the amazing shades and textures.

We’re delighted to host just a few of Wayne’s remarkable works. And you can find out more about his art here.