User and customer experience

Mapping out user and customer experiences upfront helps ensure they're as intuitive and effective as possible

Planning the user experience (UX) These days, there’s no room for maybes. If you’re betting your money on a new user or customer experience of any kind, you need to know upfront it’s going to work.

At Linney, we help brands build better experiences that deliver more of the results they want – with user experience (UX) expertise all projects can take advantage of.

First we sketch out ideas for the most logical, intuitive journey users will take, whether they’re arriving at your website or visiting your store.

Next, we interpret those journeys as digital concepts, so you can see the potential upfront and contribute your own ideas and experiences at an early stage.

Then we test these concepts with real users to ensure our recommendations are solid before getting to work on the full design and build. And we do more user and technical testing when we’ve finished too.

But even UX is just the start. Lots of clients are finding it’s even more valuable for us to review the customer experience (CX) as a whole – all the ways people interact with a brand, starting before they even stumble across it on the high street or Google.

Our insights help anticipate customers’ needs before they know them themselves, and manage their experiences during visits to virtual or bricks and mortar stores, right through into payment and aftercare.

We never underestimate the value of ongoing contact with your consumers and the importance of a customer journey that’s well managed at every stage.

Talk to us today about how we can help ensure your next project, large or small, delivers the outcome you need and the experience your users deserve.