The 'in' Crowd

By combining strategic and creative expertise with the responsive studio skills of teams on-site, our clients can enjoy the best of both

At Linney, we’ve always prided ourselves on our ability to react quickly to what our customers need and what their rapidly changing sectors throw at them.

That’s one of the main reasons we’ve brought such a wide range of expertise together under one roof (or, more accurately, collection of roofs) – so it’s all there on tap when they need to call on it.

This breadth, depth and immediacy of skills and services means we can easily link up our various experts, so everything we produce for clients feels connected and their audiences have a more rounded, consistent experience.

But sometimes even all of that is not enough. Increasingly, the flexibility, pace and proximity that busy marketing and communications teams expect, calls for something extra and different.

So, of course, we’ve been busy delivering it.

Where the action is

Recent years have seen the rise of in-house studios. These creative and production teams are a bit of a hybrid, in the nicest sense. Though they’re an important part of their parent agency, they sit alongside the clients they serve instead, in their offices and as an extension of their teams.

Already you’ll find Linney people working in this way, plugging seamlessly into the culture of our clients and ways of working, as much a part of their businesses as our own.

The most obvious benefit for these clients is there’s a multi-skilled team, including people to manage the work they do, immediately to hand. They can react quickly to priorities that change by the day or the hour, and they’re deeply rooted in the brand, too, so there’s no learning curve and their output feels right first time, every time.

Our clients can brief projects face-to-face, see the work in progress, review and adjust on the fly, and sign things off quickly – no more phone or email tennis. Our on-site project managers can provide immediate sight of costs and everyone can operate in an agile, efficient and transparent way.

Adding value

It’s a great place to be for Linney as well.

We’re in among the people we service, able to take an overview and join dots in the work we’re doing across different departments and brands, in a way that their own, more specific focus might not allow. Plus, we can spot opportunities to add value and share new ideas.

Our account directors, creatives, strategists, social media planners, writers and more, are regularly on-site to help shape and deliver large cross-channel campaigns. Often in a very short space of time.

What’s more, we come full circle with our ability to add even more value by supplementing that on-site capability and capacity with the specific areas of expertise and additional resource back at Linney.

Getting started

If an on-site studio is the right way forward for our clients, we’ll first scope out and agree the regular on-site skills and volume they’re likely to need. Teams can vary in size and shape depending on what’s needed. And there’s always the flexibility to support by drawing on the team back at base.

Whatever set-up we agree, our teams work as an extension of the client’s own – acting as ‘one agency’ to plan, develop and deliver quality, relevant, timely content, every time.