The When You Need It Most Office

Linney have worked with the Post Office on a campaign to challenge people’s perceptions of the brand.

What does the Post Office mean to you?

For many of us, it’s simply somewhere we go to post letters and parcels. But today’s Post Office offers much more than that.

So when we were asked to pitch to develop a campaign to challenge people’s perceptions of the brand, we concentrated on how the Post Office can help when you need it most, whether it’s paying a cheque into your bank account or offering a specialist mortgage that could help you get on the housing ladder.

Our winning idea is designed to work in a huge range of channels, running across streaming TV, cinema, radio, press and social media. Our insight specialists tested our initial creative in-house so we could quickly see what was the most effective. Our design, film and social media teams helped define the right channels and create compelling content. We even used parts of Adamsway as film locations – see if you can spot the Create reception standing in for an international airport, with a jet airliner taking off from the car park!

The campaign launched across Midlands and London & the South East in October and runs through November.