Sustainability meets creativity

At Linney Regenerate, we’re reinvigorating surplus materials and machinery and giving them a new lease of life.

We’re always keen to find fresh and innovative ways to turn Linney green. The way we transform and reuse items as a business is no exception.

To repurpose and transform off-cuts, recyclables and obsolete items is no mean feat. Turning them into something beautiful and functional is another matter entirely. But it’s all in a day’s work.

Discovering a ‘second life’ for waste is part of what makes Regenerate great. We’re always experimenting with new ways to breathe life into materials. For example, from rustic coat hangers and luxury drinks coasters, to stools and table tops, the humble wood pallet holds massive potential.

We’re well-versed in making a difference to bigger projects like interiors, too. Using our combined expertise, we discover how to make the room function and flow naturally, creating a comfortable environment. Then, using sustainable and repurposed materials, the form can follow the function. Our ability to design beautiful eco-friendly displays and events stands – either created with Linney’s, or a client’s, excess materials – speaks volumes.

Our initiative isn’t just limited to one-off product runs. We construct notebooks from paper off-cuts, fabricate amazing artwork prints from aluminium sheets and create card-based furniture. ‘Waste not, want not’ just got a whole new meaning.