An imaginative approach to waste disposal is empowering our people to live sustainable Linney lives – and raise funds for great causes.

Regenerate is a Linney business on a mission to ‘Make Waste Wonderful’ by transforming our approach to material disposal. It’s about moving us from good to exceptional through imaginative recycling and repurposing projects.

By developing creative new sustainable initiatives, we’ll have a positive impact on our community – as well as the environment – by donating revenue raised through repurposing and recycling to local good causes.


Regenerate’s three key themes


  • Retrade We regularly purchase and upgrade equipment, machinery, furniture and film props. We also dispose of a variety of promotional products for our clients. We’ll retrade these items through online marketplaces – raising revenue for charity and releasing warehouse space.
  • Repurpose The design, creation and sale of unique, artisan, bespoke, upcycled, recycled and recyclable products, furniture and art. It’s a creative approach that sets our sustainability efforts apart from those of other businesses.
  • Recycle We’re recruiting ‘green ambassadors’ across our business to equip others with the knowledge, skills and tools that empower them to live sustainable Linney lives. It’s about embedding a culture of environmental responsibility that becomes the norm.

When it comes to building a truly sustainable business, we believe there’s no time to waste.

Linney people are committed to identifying opportunities to meet our target of ‘zero waste to landfill’. Regenerate is inspired by their passion for enhancing our environmental credentials.

Get involved

If you have old or unused items you’d like to donate or if you’d like to find out how else you could support the project, get in touch at

Regenerate eBay 

You can visit our regenerate eBay page here.