Linney’s real-time compliance tool


When you’ve put everything into marketing materials to wow customers on every visit, you need to know they’ll be used to full effect.


With Linney’s MyFieldServices tool, you can take a real-time view of installation, POP and POS compliance – for full campaigns in entire estates or ad hoc audits of individual stores, restaurants and other locations.


MyFieldServices equips mobile agents with an easy-to-use digital guide to where they need to be when, and exactly how promotional materials need assembling and merchandising when they get there.


It also gives marketing teams a simple dashboard view of live progress, including tasks completed or outstanding, and overall project status – including whether it’s running on time.


You can drill down to individual site and POS level if needed, and respond quickly to any queries raised by agents along the way.


We’ll equip our own Retail Services team or your choice of third-party merchandisers with MyFieldServices, to take to the road and ensure every installation looks and performs at its very best. We can even customise its look and feel so it’s unique to your brand, for your own teams to use.


MyFieldServices is part of our MyCentre suite of marketing technology.