Sprinting ahead with St John Ambulance

The challenge

St John Ambulance is an ever-present at public and private events – their volunteer first-aiders are typically on scene for medical cover, community response and to support the emergency services in both local incidents and major accidents. Each year, more than 400,000 people take part in their vital first aid training programmes across the UK.

Doing such important work demands systems that are the best they can be – and that’s where Linney comes in, working with the team at St John Ambulance and putting the end users at the heart of the development process to create robust and resilient solutions that will last.

The solution

A user centric approach was key to understanding current pain points, map user journeys and ‘need states’ through the site. Linney experts in digital design and user experience (UX) spent the week at the headquarters of St John Ambulance, meeting stakeholders and starting to help solve the ultimate business need.

A five-day ‘design sprint’ took place, where our experts Andy, Jessica, Thom and Jamie helped build the confidence of the decision-makers and end users during the week long process. Stakeholders were encouraged to generate their own new ideas and reimagine how the system could work for users.

With this in mind, each day was planned in detail with a set of deliverables to achieve by the end of each day. Starting with process mapping, identifying business challenges and then turning these into a set of sketches and potential design solutions. These exercises helped identify areas of difficulty and what needed to be prioritised in a new system design. At the end of the week Linney had helped to redefine, re design and build and test a functional prototype of the system.

The results

The culmination of the five-day sessions led to a proof of concept solution being developed and tested. The proof of concept was intuitive, straightforward and user-friendly, working across mobile and desktop proved a big hit with the stakeholders.