Speed and sophistication for Bradstone

Fulfilling expectations at Linney

The Challenge

Bradstone is a British company that sells quality, responsibly-sourced stone products.

Two years ago, Bradstone (part of Aggregate, a key client of Linney), relaunched its website, bradstone.com. The revamped website includes an option for users to order a maximum of three product samples, as well as the Bradstone brochure.

When customers are choosing stone products to landscape their garden, sampling is an important part of the process – as they may be unsure what type of material and finish will best fit their space. Online sampling requires a seamless ordering service – and this is where the Linney team comes into play.

The Solution

Bradstone receives around 10,000 orders of sample stone products per year. In addition, more than 140,000 individual brochures are requested. Linney fulfils all of these orders from our centrally located large-scale warehousing and distribution centre.

116 separate SKUs are sent from Bradstone to Linney, which are all labelled individually to ensure consistency and accuracy. Using a streamlined process, each labelled item is placed in a picking location to enable quick despatch once customer orders come in.

Our sophisticated stock systems enable us to receive orders and turn them around quickly, with orders that are processed and picked from stock for despatch, being delivered to arrive the very next day.

Samples are combined with a personalised letter addressed to the recipient, detailing the nearest Bradstone stockist to them. Orders are checked for quality and accuracy before despatch, then expertly packed into a bespoke box and made ready to be sent on a tracked delivery service.

Dedicated project managers review stock quantities on a daily basis, ensuring that the Bradstone website is updated when a certain item of stock is unavailable. In addition to this, quality is ensured with regular QC checks by dedicated warehouse staff.


The Results

Since the collaboration began, we’ve succeeded in despatching over 78,000 Bradstone samples and 87,000 brochures. Our fulfilment support enables Bradstone customers to continue their landscaping plans with minimal disruption and visit their nearest Bradstone stockist promptly to make their purchase.

“Linney are an essential part of our operations and they provide an end-to end service for our fulfilment needs, from warehousing to stock management and control to pick and pack and delivery.

We trust Linney to provide our customers with a seamless service and have the confidence that they deliver operational efficiency with accuracy and speed. We are impressed with the responsiveness and care that goes into every package sent out and furthermore, the full visibility we have across the process.”

Ioana Borangic 
Head of Corporate and Marketing Communications 
Aggregate Industries UK  Ltd. 

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