A meaningful exchange for Travelex

Linney was drafted in as an independent consultant to assess all aspects of Travelex's digital signage

The challenge

Travelex Financial Services had previously installed digital screens in over 900 locations worldwide, using an alternative provider. However, they became frustrated that the promised return on investment hadn’t materialised – along with out-of-date content appearing on screen. This caused various issues with compliance across the organisation’s global estate.

The idea

Linney was drafted in as an independent consultant to assess all aspects of the Travelex estate in order to provide clarity on where some of the issues lay. This was broken down into six modules: strategy, creative, hardware, software, IT and support. Our research highlighted key areas that were preventing marketing strategy and messages from being delivered, along with recommendations and proposals for how to address each issue.

The result

Through consultation with both internal Travelex stakeholders, our Linney experts and also external stakeholders, Linney was able to identify which areas were working well (and should continue as normal) and which areas were causing challenges. Our findings were then presented to the project team as well as a complete consultation report being created and distributed to all stakeholders so that each area responsible for delivering the solution was aware of their part within the wider solution.

As a result, Travelex could immediately implement improvements across their IT network and software reporting as well as ensuring that clear roles and responsibilities were outlined across each department. We continue to engage with them on their wider digital strategy as well as ongoing efficiency improvements and content creation for campaigns now on display around the world.