Making distinctive shelf-ends look like child’s play for Mattel

Our expertise in creating eye-catching displays came to the fore, setting the iconic toy producer’s new range apart from the competition.

The Challenge

In a space of high footfall and visual distraction, the new Cloudees toy range was bought to life through card-based theatre in the retail environment. The bright artwork and bold characters, which included 3D elements set to delight, disrupt and educate customers in both major and independent toy stores across the nation.

The Solution

Our highly-skilled 3D team set to work on creating an engaging and distinctive structure that balanced practicality with eye-catching visuals that appealed to both parents and children. Made entirely of fully recyclable materials, the bold FSDUs were constructed to be sustainable yet robust, handling the wear and tear of a toy shop’s trading environment.

The Results

The FSDUs hit the mark with the client and its target audiences creating a buzz in the retail space, drumming up intrigue and pester power. The visual branding helped to promote the new range, as well as being instructive to the adult purchasers. Children were drawn to the display’s bright imagery and characters as well as the abundance of products that were easily accessible at different heights.

“To launch our new girls’ collectible brand Cloudees, we wanted to create in-store impact, bringing this magical new brand to life. Linney skilfully realised this vision with a beautifully designed in-store display that helped set Cloudees apart at a key time of year.”

Pauline De La Riviere, Marketing Director, Mattel