Hitting the spot for Acnecide

Cross-channel creative for pharmacy and beyond

The challenge

Acnecide is a spot treatment brand, owned by the pharmaceutical group Galderma. Its medicinal treatments contain 5% benzoyl peroxide, which is designed to kill the bacteria that cause spots.

Linney has an experienced insight team that supports every aspect of our creative production process – so when our client needed some research on the target consumer market for two of its skincare brands, we were a natural fit.

Our insight team was tasked with identifying Acnecide’s UK target audience, in order to focus marketing efforts on those consumers’ specific needs and desires.

Galderma was so impressed with the results that Linney was then invited to pitch for a multi-channel creative campaign – specifically with Acnecide’s target audience in mind.

In a competitive market and with a digital native consumer base, our creative ideas needed to be engaging enough to cut through noise and interrupt the action of mindless scrolling on social media. As Acnecide is a global brand, the work also needed to fit well with other markets’ creative interpretations.

The solution

Linney came up with a bold and unique look and feel that would work well across social, our client’s web pages and partner brands’ ecommerce sites – as well as being easily transferred to POS and other printed material.

Our creative and social teams, backed by the Linney insight team, devised a social strategy and key posts to launch Acnecide’s presence on Instagram and Facebook. Instagram is the main point of contact between the brand and its young, savvy, content-hungry audience, whereas Facebook is where we direct messaging to the “shopper” market – namely, the parents of teenagers suffering with spots.

We provide end-to-end social support for Acnecide, from strategy to visual content, copywriting and community management – including analytics that help improve and optimise future creative and boost follower engagement.

As well as this, Linney has recently created a series of engaging bumper adverts for ITV2 Showtime, designed to catch viewers’ attention before, during and after shows such as Ibiza Weekender, Zomboat and Keith Lemon’s CelebAbility, putting the Acnecide brand front of mind. The creative treatment combines short, snappy copy lines with jarring soundtracks and the tag line “Acnecide sponsors ITV2 Showtime. Clearly.”

The results

From the initial success of a simple insight piece, Linney is now Acnecide’s lead creative and social media agency for the UK.

Our adverts will be broadcast for a minimum of 135 hours by the end of 2020.

On social, more than six million people so far have viewed Acnecide content, with over 350,000 people having engaged with it.

Our Acnecide account director says: “We’re proud to have helped Acnecide launch their General Sale Line products in the UK. Due to the success of year one, an agreement is now in place to extend and continue our great work in 2021 – The team at Galderma are great and we’re really looking forward to creating more awesome work for them!”

Check out Acnecide on Instagram – and catch our ads on ITV2 Showtime.

Acnecide Face Gel and Acnecide Face Wash are indicated for the treatment of mild acne. Both contain 5% benzoyl peroxide. Always read the label. Acnecide Gel and Acnecide Wash Gel are indicated for the treatment of acne. Both contain 5% benzoyl peroxide. Always read the label.