Full-screen service for Coventry Building Society

Linney developers and digital screens are giving Coventry Building Society a new look and feel

The Brief

Is High Street banking dead? Coventry Building Society doesn’t think so. Because, while their rivals scale back their presence in many communities, Coventry Building Society is embarking on a master plan to bring the world of modern banking to its branches. And Linney has been helping make it happen. Our digital screens were included as part of the brand’s branch redesign project.

The Idea

The Society plans to roll digital screens out to all of its redesigned branches and we’re providing consultancy throughout the project to help design the best solution. We’re also supporting the brand with insight to ensure the screens have maximum impact, supply of the hardware and software, installation, plus screen maintenance through our Customer Response Centre.

The Result

Already our screens appear in various locations across the Society’s branches, helping to modernise and improve the customer journey in branch.

Different screens serve different purposes, with key information ranging from live product rates and comparisons to regulatory and brand messages.

There’s also a ‘community’ screen to showcase fundraising and volunteering activity, to support knowledge sessions on subjects such as fraud awareness, and to share staff communications.

This is just the start of the brand’s fresh take on modern banking on the High Street.

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