Eco materials feel good and look good

Banishing the ‘planet nasties’ on our sustainability mission.

Rethinking recycling

At Linney, we are constantly finding new ways to mitigate our impact on the environment, replacing much used materials with new products with better sustainability credentials.

Some luxury products are often used for their high-shine mirror effect, but are not recyclable. Ecofoil offers the same beautiful finish, but is 100% recyclable with the paper/cardboard recycling stream.


Certifiably sustainable

Another commonly used process which renders paper unrecyclable is lamination. Thanks to Eco Menu, we now have a material that is resistant to stains and spillages, easy to clean, and importantly, can be recycled with the normal paper stream.

PVC banners are extremely versatile and a popular advertising tool for outdoor use. Unfortunately, PVC is not a planet-friendly material. Luckily we now offer a PVC-free banner material with all the advantages of PVC, but less of the planet nasties. Add to that our work with World Land Trust to certify carbon-balanced materials.