Driving health and safety efficiency for Müller

Linney worked with this market-leading brand to develop a digital solution for their day-to-day delivery needs

The brief

Having previously worked with our client Müller on an online health and safety induction platform, they turned to us for another innovative digital solution to improve their day-to-day delivery dilemmas.

The idea

The challenge was to build an app that Müller’s hundreds of drivers could use to more effectively navigate the thousands of sites they deliver to. The drivers had built up a paper-based knowledge of the sites which created an inconsistent process and could be time-consuming when creating or updating site assessments. Linney’s team of expert developers created an interactive app which allows drivers to create their own digital assessments of sites and easily access the site assessments of other drivers. The app also allows drivers to annotate maps and receive notifications about hazards on site. The aim is to increase health and safety awareness, compliance, provide consistency, enhance efficiency and decrease the risk of on-site incidents.

The result

The fully functioning app is now in the pilot stage before being launched across the entire UK network, allowing the client to ensure accuracy of their data and establish any further requirements. In the first week of the pilot stage there were 87 new assessments carried out on the app, all without any problems. Müller expects the app to decrease health and safety incidents and drive new levels of efficiency across their delivery fleet.

“As usual you have perfectly captured what we are after with the app. This will be a real game changer in how we undertake Risk Assessment so I’m extremely excited about trialling this for the business.
arren Thain, Senior Health and Safety Programmes and Performance Manager