Delivering a First Class service for Royal Mail

Linney’s new in-house studio services team is already making a huge impact

The Challenge

Working with Royal Mail often means working efficiently and at pace – and this is no different for their retail operation.

Royal Mail’s retail campaigns, such as Special Stamps, have long been a key part of the business. To be a success, the studio needs to deliver each campaign with the necessary creative flair and engage with their loyal and demanding customers.

The Solution

Our hard work and ongoing success with RMtv – Royal Mail’s internal comms programme – was clear evidence of us handling creativity on the fly. Since taking over Royal Mail’s creative artwork from a major competitor, we’ve been able to deliver in more ways than one.

The presence of our dedicated and resourceful studio, now based in-house at Royal Mail’s HQ at Farringdon, has given both Linney and Royal Mail the chance to handle unforeseen changes and last-minute briefs. Our workflow and sign-off process has made a tremendous impact in streamlining the work of all collaborative jobs.

We’ve opened up new creative avenues too, with the uptake of Royal Mail’s highly coveted Stamps and Collectibles production giving our copywriters and artworkers an opportunity to regularly work on unique and exciting campaigns.

The flexibility of our film and animation team means that AV production for Royal Mail can be scaled up whenever required. We’ve since worked on Royal Mail’s ongoing social media campaigns and mini-documentaries across a number of platforms.

The Results

Since the studio went live in February 2019, we’ve already made a big impression on our colleagues at Royal Mail:

“One of the most professional studios/agencies I’ve ever dealt with.”

“High quality copy, design and account management. Very high attention to detail and accuracy. The process is much faster and efficient overall.”

“Super helpful – go the extra mile, time after time.”

“Good processes. Love their approval dashboard.”

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