Post Office hub award win

'Personal' Post Office communications hub wins industry award

One Post OfficeWe’ve been recognised at the 2016 Institute of Internal Communication awards where our work for Post Office helped them win the Integrated Media category for the way it can share content successfully across both print and online platforms.

The One Post Office project allowed the organisation to make significant savings in the way it talked to its people. Previously, the weekly Branch Focus publication provided printed updates for branches. At the same time, Post Office shared information on a number of different websites and through an employee magazine. The project aimed to bring all this information into one place, saving time and money.

It draws on research undertaken by our Insight team. We surveyed 7,000 Post Office staff, putting them into different categories (or segments) depending on their attitude to the business and to technology. This insight shaped the design of a single tailored system that works for the whole audience, whether they prefer to get content through a printed magazine or online.

Now, news, information and feature articles aren’t only published through the Post Office employee magazine. The central content hub allows Post Office employees to access the same content on all kinds of devices, wherever they work.

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Users can like, share and comment on content. Branches can access information tailored to them. Hashtags link conversations. Groups can be created based around common interests. And social profiles encourage ownership and guest blogging. But what’s really clever is how different people in different roles each see an entirely different version of the site, personalised to their interests.

Built in-house at Linney, the One Post Office hub replaced over 20 disparate Post Office websites with varying branding, mixed messages and a lack of cohesion, providing one convenient, consistent experience instead.

Content is uploaded just once by the Post Office comms team, for delivery to only the relevant audiences. Unique logins give different employees access to different information pools, serving up a personalised experience of relevant content for the right person at the right time, on their choice of device.