Picturing the future with Royal Mail

Linney helps UK postal operator bring its bold five-year plan to life

Linney Create has been helping Royal Mail, the UK’s leading mail provider, share an exciting new strategy with employees, senior leaders, shareholders and customers across the UK.

Over the next five years, the postal operator will invest around £1.8 billion in its UK network. This includes introducing new hubs and a second daily delivery to handle growing parcels traffic, plus other new initiatives to bring even more convenience to customers.

To show why these plans are essential and the difference they’ll make to Royal Mail customers, colleagues and operations, the Linney team created 12 films and animations plus an entire website to host them and share details of the strategy.

Some focused on the top-level plans, while others dived into specific aspects – from showing the rapid pace of change in the sector to profiling customers whose businesses demand mail innovation. There was also a detailed animation to show how new parcel handling processes will work in practice.

Our client said: “Everyone worked hard, cracked on [and] got the job done. It was a pleasure working with the team and, above all, we got some cracking content.”

Today, we’re continuing to tell the strategy story as it embeds and evolves, through the likes of a regular show on the Royal Mail internal TV channels. We’re pleased to be joining them on this important journey.