Pick a card… any card

Creating a calmer customer experience for store visitors.

How do you direct the attention of shoppers in a store packed with cards and party products?


That was the dilemma the Linney Create team was tasked to investigate for Card Factory. The Wakefield-based, family-run business was started from the back of a van and has expanded to over 950 stores nationwide.

Today, Card Factory has an estate that includes an internal design and print facility and over 950 shops around the UK and Ireland. Such growth, coupled with a constant need to create offers that hit the mark with customers, resulted in crowded stores and a customer journey that looked and felt confusing. The team set about creating a calmer, more ordered space coupled with a visual language that was easy for customers to understand and respond to.

The goal was to enable Card Factory stores to talk to its shoppers in a way which is relevant to them, rather than overwhelming them with a frenetic, active set of products.

The major work focused on in-store signposting and directional work, together with zoning and dividing messages in a more organised way. It has resulted in a far simpler journey for its customers, whilst still retaining core messages reflecting the brand promise of delivering quality and value for all life’s moments.