McDonald’s touchscreens

FarmForward screens Digital information and activity screens built by Linney’s MyScreens team have been hitting the road with McDonald’s to visit Britain and Ireland’s biggest agricultural shows.

The touchscreens are part of a wider exhibition trailer showcasing the restaurant chain’s ongoing Farm Forward programme. It’s helping engage tomorrow’s farmers on vital topics like animal welfare, the environment – and great-tasting food, of course.

Using existing brand assets and imagery, with questions and answers developed from key facts supplied by McDonald’s, the screens challenge guests with multiple-choice quizzes and drag-and-drop puzzles covering the provenance of McDonald’s quality ingredients and its sustainability credentials.

Today, over 17,500 British and Irish farmers supply food for McDonald’s menu in the UK.

Chris Reading from McDonald’s Restaurants UK said: “Those visiting us at the shows are able to step into a range of interactive experiences which not only focus on opening up McDonald’s supply chain, but also highlight the range of skills and opportunities available in our incredible agriculture and food industry.

“The ‘Good to Know’ touchscreen quiz produced by Linney’s MyScreens team supports our objectives by educating users with interesting food and farming facts, via an interactive and fun experience.”