Making B&Q look and feel like a gardener’s world

Linney 3D garden scenes have spruced up Sherwin-Williams aisles in 300 B&Q stores.

We’ve been inspiring customers to make the most of their gardens – and helping drive sales in DIY stores nationwide – with this fresh take on in-aisle point of sale.

To draw the eye to Sherwin-Williams products in B&Q stores, Linney produced 46 bespoke garden scenes, ranging from 1.2 to 14 metres in length, each designed and built to suit individual store needs.



The POS was delivered as pre-built kits staff could assemble in under 30 seconds. They simply took the scene out of the box and slid it onto the shelf, all without disrupting day-to-day store operations.

Sherwin-Williams and B&Q were delighted with the results, which “really enhance the customer experience”.

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