Just look at all that data

Our latest y magazine shows there’s more than one way to deal with data.



Data. It’s everywhere.

And so is talk about data.

But, however much of it you have, data’s only as useful as the patterns and potential you glean from it.

So, here at Linney, we’re helping to do just that.




In the latest edition of y, our quarterly creative magazine exploring different themes from unusual and unexpected angles, we’ve brought a host of data to life in visual ways.




We started by asking Linney people questions about their time in the business, their careers before they joined us, where they were born, and how much they consume and share on social media.




Next, our creative, insight and writing teams combined the results with statistics about the Linney business and our world at large, exploring how to display the gist of the findings, their scale and any patterns within them.



Having all of these skills in one place means we’re uniquely positioned to visualise and use rich data in fresh, dynamic, accessible ways and real time. Not just in print, but also on screen and in the systems that drive them behind the scenes.



Talk to us about bring your data to life and making the most of what it has to say. And join our mailing list to receive a copy of y direct to your door.