Iron Man – or Aluminium Man?

Lincolnshire artist Rosie Ablewhite describes our latest guest exhibit at Linney Create.


I know what you’re thinking. Why aluminium cans? Why superheroes?

From as far back as I can remember, I’ve been into the art of paper craft; origami (folding), kirigami (folding and cutting), gluing together to make net models, or papier maché.

It started back in primary school, about the same time I demanded that my mother let me wear some kind of superhero outfit around Safeway. I think you can see where this is going…

It was only a matter of time (being old enough for a hot glue gun) until I ventured from paper onto something more sturdy, but just as malleable. Luckily, thin aluminium sheet provided the perfect recipe for this, and my addiction to sugary beverages, quite literally, fuelled the whole escapade.

I always have an abundance of aluminium cans in my recycling, or at least I did until now. With such bright colours at my disposal, plus my sugar-induced hyperactivity, what better subject to explore than my favourite superheroes and video game characters?

This is surely upcycling at its finest. Transforming ‘rubbish’ into ‘art’.

It’s also made my local shopkeeper look at me strangely as I compare cans for 20 minutes – deciding which hue is closest to ‘skin tone’ – and then buy five cans of ‘P***y’ energy drink! It had the most white, okay?

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