Our consumer insights create more effective marketing for some of the world's leading brands.

In today’s highly competitive, fragmented environments, businesses and brands must understand their customers in ever greater detail. Delivering products and experiences that aren’t just great, but great in the right way, at the right time and in the right place.

Linney insights and intelligence help remove subjectivity from the marketing process and make every interaction more effective – from product packaging to the in-store experience or customer journeys through digital platforms.

Tradition meets technology

We combine traditional market research with academic thinking and innovation to offer new perspectives and inform creative strategy across all channels and markets.

So while we hold focus groups and provide global trend forecasting, we also conduct user testing and use neuroscience techniques, pairing new technologies with personal interaction.

And we work with internationally renowned institutions and academics to interrogate the data we gather to inform, iterate and constantly improve.

Consumer experience

Using ethnographic observation, in-the-moment diary studies and traditional behavioural science, we build a picture of how and why customers behave the way they do, using what we find to improve every exchange.

Market analysis and innovation

Our market analysts and trend editors help bands stay ahead of the game. We share the latest developments in their industry sectors and changes in customer behaviour through presentations, workshops and deep-dive reporting.

Data science

Bringing together traditional statistical and emerging quantitative techniques to interrogate marketing data in fresh ways. We use academic analysis developed for science and engineering to deliver informed, real-world improvement recommendations.

Behavioural analysis

Our in-house neuropsychologists use the latest technologies to test consumers’ biometric and neurological reactions to marketing – from initial concepts to specific textures and usage – and build a detailed understanding of often subconscious decision making.