Innovation in recreation

How tech boffins and gaming geeks are helping us make time for fun.

Arcade Smart brands are bringing gaming into retail, restaurant and recreation spaces.

They know they can engage, involve and entertain with interactive experiences. And they understand that great games trigger the reward systems in our brains – and make us feel good.

At this month’s Coffee session, we’ll explore the gamification of the everyday. We’ll look at the brands that get it and the technologies they’re using. And we’ll quiz gamers on what they love to play – and how brands should get involved.

It’s happening at Linney Design, 3pm on Thursday 14 July, so get in touch if you’d like to come along.

Coffee sessions are held on site every month. We examine how we eat, play, shop and live today – or could do tomorrow. And you’ll find updates on trends from different sectors on our Overview site.