Delivering table-top gaming for McDonald’s

digital play

For lots of young diners, a trip to McDonald’s means more than just a Happy Meal. Since 2012, the restaurant chain’s Digital Play initiative has projected interactive Wii-style video games onto floors and tables, to get kids moving – and bring more fun to mealtimes.

The games have become a big hit with kids and their parents – and a great extra reason for many of them to visit a restaurant. So it’s important that the games are working correctly whenever they arrive.

Now, following a review of their Digital Play system, Linney has taken over the distribution, scheduling and maintenance of game content using our own MyScreens digital Content Management System (CMS), supported by the team in our Customer Response Centre.

MyScreens is already in use in hundreds of McDonald’s sites to reliably schedule and organise content on digital screens, giving individual sites the flexibility to promote different menu options depending on factors like the time of day or the weather outside. Using the same software for Digital Play gives the same flexibility to games, making it possible to schedule different games at different times to suit different audiences through the day.

We’ve recently installed 17 MyScreen systems into nine restaurants with (hopefully) many more to follow. And our Customer Response Centre provides round-the-clock support allowing any problems to be corrected more quickly and making sure more customers and their children can play games when they visit.