Helping cadets pass with flying colours

As part of the Linney retrading offer, Regenerate recently helped to kit out a new IT hub at a nearby Air Cadets base.

Matt Payne, a project manager for Linney and board member of the 138 Squadron Air Cadets, approached the Regenerate team after learning about how used and surplus office equipment was up for grabs through the initiative.

Getting hold of a dozen computer stations – with desks, chairs and computers – is a tall order, especially for a not-for-profit group with only a small amount to spend.

However, having recently picked up a supply of office furniture and laptops from a client that was upgrading their own premises, the Regenerate team had exactly what the Air Cadets needed – including delivery and set up.

As a gesture of goodwill, the 138 Squadron Air Cadets made a donation to the Linney Charitable Fund which, in turn, will go towards helping other groups and charities with their own projects.