Going live for Royal Mail

Delivering face-to-face engagement for the UK’s leading post provider

For businesses like Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide, sharing what’s happening with – and answering questions from – its huge national workforce is no small feat.

There’s no better way than face to face. But that’s not always possible, so when the chance comes along the business makes the most of it – and Linney’s there to help.

Recently, that meant helping the brand’s internal communications team stage five live Q&A events at large processing sites around its UK operations.

The sessions were a chance for colleagues in those sites to get the latest on business strategy and the reasons behind it from senior leaders, quizzing them on points that directly affect them and their customers.

We developed a concept for how the sessions could run, with a panel of representatives plus a full audience pitching questions to leaders in the hot seat. We also designed a stage setup that mirrors Royal Mail’s internal TV channel, RMtv.

We filmed at each of the events, capturing proceedings on three cameras before quickly turning around edits of the highlights as part of five tailored TV shows for different viewing audiences.