Getting our teeth into packaging

ColgateWhen Colgate first introduced its ‘sea of red’ approach to product packaging in 2011, there was no missing it: a block of iconic brand colour standing out from retail shelves.

Today, the situation’s more complicated.

Shelf ready packaging (SRP) has evolved and competitors have taken big leaps forward in signposting their own products.

Colgate’s range has diversified too. But its packaging approach left little room to showcase the growing range yet keep things looking consistent, creating confusion at the fixture.

So Linney helped harmonise the primary and shelf packaging for all Colgate brands – value, standard and premium.

The new look and feel is clear, eye-catching and consistently on brand, yet still differentiates the various ranges and the products within them so they’re easy for customers to find.

Colgate was so confident in our designs that an initial testing phase was skipped, and we’re already shipping them to every stockist and shelf throughout Europe.