Immersed in VR

We were wowed by immersive computing in this month’s Garage, thanks to a visit from HP.


In technology, ‘immersion’ refers to a perception of being physically present in a non-physical world. Immersive technology plays on one or more of our five senses, encouraging us to feel perceptually real sensations.

We welcomed Hewlett-Packard’s Graeme Smith to Linney for our latest Garage session, where he showed us some of the tech brand’s latest developments in the field of immersive computing.

The HP Sprout is an innovative, all-in-one PC aimed at content creators, designers and anyone who’s interested in creating visual content in an immersive way. It comes with a 3D scanner and touch mat, giving the user the ability to manipulate the display with all 10 fingers.

Meanwhile, the HP Zvr Virtual Reality Display is a desktop monitor that provides real-time virtual experiences. Built with four cameras that connect with sensors built into 3D glasses and a stylus pen, the HD stereoscopic monitor tracks your head and hand movements so you can manipulate content on screen.

After Graeme talked about the hardware, he let us try it out for ourselves.

“The really impressive thing about the Zvr was being able to grab the 3D objects and manipulate them with the stylus in 3D space,” said one Garage attendee.  “The illusion of depth created by the glasses was amazing – you felt so close to the objects on screen.”

Here’s the film from the session:

Garage sessions are held on site at Linney every month, where we look at new developments in screens and technology.

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