A fresh perspective on packaging

Discover how packaging's performing – and its untapped potential – with Linney Pack Architecture.

How effective is your packaging? What will make it even more user-friendly? Or ensure it really stands out from the rest?

Linney Pack Architecture can help you find out.

It’s a comprehensive audit and heuristic evaluation of retail packaging we carry out at key points in the retail calendar – or whenever you need us to.


Detail distilled

Each study is conducted and compiled by experts in consumer behaviour, packaging design and retail trends.

Using an innovative methodology developed in house, we capture, study and distil a snapshot of the primary packaging, retail ready packaging and point of sale landscape in specific categories and segments.

Our approach combines data analysis, insight and product mapping to uncover recurring themes and patterns across whole categories and at individual pack level, to help assess, challenge and improve upon the established standards.

They highlight opportunities to differentiate and even lead the pack in future – informing incisive, decisive design strategy for effective campaigns.



Year-round insights

We’ll be running Pack Architecture studies at key points in the retail calendar to understand how packaging performs in specific categories and on the year’s biggest shopping occasions.

  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Easter
  • Summer


Bespoke studies just for you

Can’t wait or need something specific? We can also conduct bespoke Pack Architecture studies focused on categories, segments and occasions of specific interest or significance to your business.

You’ll get a full report tailored to your needs, with exclusive findings we won’t share anywhere else.


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