Focusing on mental health

Our new film for Royal Mail shows the issues can be closer to home than you think.

A Royal Mail film that draws attention to the mental health issues faced by people across society has seen a positive response since its launch earlier this month.

Written, filmed and edited by Linney Create, ‘Everyday People’ is part of the mail operator’s agenda to increase awareness of such conditions and break down the stigma surrounding them. And charities, politicians and those affected have been praising its approach.



Behind closed doors

Royal Mail wanted the film to help people recognise mental health affects us all, directly or indirectly, and encourage people to ask for help and support if they need it.

It features Matt Windle, Birmingham’s Poet Laureate, as a postman on his delivery round. He reads a poem he wrote, which tells the tale of personal struggles behind the doors he delivers mail to, highlighting that such issues can be ‘closer to home than you think’.



Linney worked closely with Royal Mail and its partner charities, Action for Children, Mind and Mental Health UK, to create authentic scenarios.

As important as physical health

Lily Heinemann, Head of Corporate Responsibility and Community Investment at Royal Mail Group, said: “We believe the film can help people better understand mental health and that it impacts us all.”

Poet Matt, who is also a professional Boxer, added: “Mental health is just as important as physical health. It’s important everyone talks openly about this issue and is open-minded about it. If the film helps people seek help or means people offer help to others then it will have done its job.”



An important message in safe hands

This was a passion project for Linney, which managed the full film production process, from creative concept and scriptwriting through to casting, filming and post production.

Michael Fisher, managing director at Linney Create, explained: “We wanted to make a piece that both reflects the diverse communities Royal Mail serves and recognises mental health issues affect people of every age and walk of life.

“We’d worked with Matt on previous projects and felt his role as a ‘poet postie’ would add an engaging, disruptive element to the storytelling.”

So far, so good. There’s been lots of approval for the film on social media. And we’re hopeful it will continue to have a positive effect in raising awareness and understanding.