Driving for donations

The most effective fundraising ideas for charities and non-profits.

If there were one winning tactic guaranteed to grab the attention of donors, charities and non-profits would surely use it.

But the most effective fundraising efforts tend to draw on a selection of different methods designed to appeal to a specific target audience. And while what works for one organisation might not necessarily work for another, there are a few classic fundraising ideas that have proven their worth time and again over the years…

1. Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is all about providing value for your audience. It’s a tactic that’s become one of the top recent trends in the world of fundraising.

By creating, curating and sharing content that aims to educate and inspire, it’s an effective way of spreading your organisation’s message in a non-pressurising and non-salesy way.

It works by gently encouraging potential and current donors to visit your website and learn more about your cause

2. Crowdfunding Campaigns

We’re living in a digital world, and crowdfunding is the product of an increasingly connected, online society. It’s become a popular option because, if your cause strikes a chord, it can raise a huge amount of money in a few short hours, through one simple campaign page.

Online crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter offer the chance to explain your cause in detail and share your page via a selection of social networks. As more people share your page, it allows you to maximise your reach and grab the attention of a diverse network of people you might otherwise have struggled to make contact with.

3. Cause marketing

Cause marketing can take on a range of guises to raise funds for your charity or non-profit organisation. From point-of-sale donations where shoppers donate a small amount when they pay, to purchase trigger gifts where a small percentage of proceeds goes to the charity, it’s likely you’ve come across it in some form. It may seem like these are relatively small amounts individually but, taken collectively, every little helps.

4. Foundation Grants

Foundation Grants in the UK offer money to charities that are able to convince grantors that they’re deserving.

That might sound a little cold due to the amount of charities and non-profits that promote worthy causes. But different foundations offer grants to different types of organisations – you need to find the right ones for your cause.

Once you’ve chosen your foundation, your charity needs to pen a grant proposal in order to persuade the powers that be their funds would be best-placed with you.

5. Monthly donation programmes

While one-off donations are always appreciated, regular donors are the backbone of a charity or non-profit.

That’s why one of the most popular fundraising tactics is setting up monthly donation programmes. Donors can easily make regular donations, even if they choose to give just a small amount. And monthly donation sign-ups can be integrated into your website, promoted through social media, or even offered face-to-face or over the telephone.

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