Parachute jump film for Mars

A specialist crew and brave Linney team member film a parachute jump to inspire trust in colleagues.

Kitting upWe’ll always go to great lengths to help our clients get quality results and save money. Now we’ve gone to great heights too.

One of the Linney team recently did a tandem skydive for a client’s internal film, which was all about showing trust in colleagues to arrange management succession plans.

The full film and a short teaser focus on the build-up to and first moments of the jump. It was shot on location in Durham with a crew of three cameramen, including a specialist in filming parachute jumps, plus an instructor.

Shooting in super high frame rates, they achieved stunning production values, using slow motion effects and a stirring classical soundtrack. And our brave colleague ticked an item off her bucket list.

Here’s a look at the footage: