Digital screens or traditional POS: why not both?

Choosing between digital screens or traditional POS doesn’t need to be tough – especially when they can be used in unison.

As the modern consumer has so many options, there is an increased pressure for retailers to innovate in-store to capture your customers’ attention and increase conversion from browsing to purchase. Digital screens are a great way to introduce dynamic and eye-catching in-store content, but so often retailers are nervous about what can feel like a big change and assume that, where digital screens are concerned, it’s an all-or-nothing approach.

It’s crucial to consider the following aspects before deciding on your in-store options:


Consider how print and digital can work hand in hand and complement each other rather than just having one or the other.

When you’re thinking about introducing screens to your estate, you’re not making the decision to completely stop your printed POS. Actually, digital and printed POS can really complement each other and perform different functions. You can even take it to the next level and include print and screens in one display – this works particularly well with window displays.


Don’t forget the product you are selling and look for ways to integrate and emphasise the product into your digital displays.

There’s no need for your digital displays to feel like an add on to the way you sell your products in store. Your screens can make your promoted products take centre stage and draw the eye when positioned properly.


Select a provider that can manage your print and digital estate through the same systems to avoid duplication.

It can be difficult to manage different suppliers for digital screens and printed POS when trying to launch an in-store campaign. If you work with one provider for both areas, it can certainly make the whole transition a lot less disruptive.


Measure the impact of your digital signage and the impact, positive or negative, compared to printed POS.

Measuring the impact of your digital screens is just as easy, if not easier, than measuring that of your printed POS when using the right techniques. Doing this from the beginning with allow you to calculate your return on investment and which option works best in each circumstance. This will also give you valuable insights such as which messaging works best at what time.


Linney have worked with lots of clients on the transition from an approach of all printed POS to integrating digital. We’re happy to talk to you about your digital screen and POS options.