Covert retail

Brands are transforming the customer experience with pioneering retail principles. We investigate.

Coffee Covert RetailSome brand experiences are retail journeys without customers even realising it.

Banks. Airlines. Post Office branches. Not obvious retail exchanges. Yet they’re driven by the same demands – speed, simplicity, convenience – and finding new ways to answer them.

Brands in this space are busy reimagining their estates and store formats, enabling customers and enhancing lives like never before. At Linney, we’re helping some of them do it.

Our latest Coffee forum, Covert Retail, explored what this means for such brands and retail as a whole.

We looked at the people, places and products involved, and trends like humanity retail and community retail.

And we saw how the importance of what these businesses sell (like financial services) means trust and loyalty are all, so they find new ways to balance context with content in their environmental designs.

Coffee sessions are held on site at Linney every month. We examine how we eat, play, shop and live today – or could do tomorrow.

Get in touch if you’d like to come along. And look for regular updates on trends from different sectors on our Overview site.