Garage: Come fly with us

CAA-licensed drone pilots from the Linney film team present our Garage forum on why aerial filming's not a specialised service, but rather a key part of our offer.

DronegroucropIt wasn’t that long ago when filming an aerial shot meant hiring a helicopter crew.  The results could be impressive – but always expensive.

Today, lightweight drone technology means it’s possible to carry a camera into the air for a much lower cost, but this can still mean hiring a specialist contractor.

Now a team from Linney Design have completed the training that will let them fly and operate our own camera drones.

We’ve got permission from the Civil Aviation Authority to carry out commercial flights, so we can offer an aerial filming service in house.

Our two CAA-licensed drone pilots recently held a Garage forum to share some of the aerial footage they’d created, showcase the technology used, plus a few of the web’s best bloopers from when things didn’t go as planned.

Here’s the full session:

Our team have studied aviation law, mapping, planning, legals and risk assessments and passed their final operational test with flying colours. It means our clients will benefit from high quality aerial filming anywhere that’s safe and legal. And as we don’t have to book a third party crew, aerial filming will be flexible, fast and cost-effective.