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Testing and exploring experiences in the new discovery zone at Linney

The launch of our first Discovery Zone is creating opportunities for clients and colleagues to explore communications with the potential to enhance consumer experiences.

We’re continually asked by our clients to help them understand how to adapt and resolve their ever-evolving communication dilemmas – especially in retail. For instance, how can a brand’s physical stores complement – rather than compete with – its online presence?

­­­­­­­At Linney, we understand that consumer experiences and expectations within spaces are changing rapidly. So, what does good look like?

Our Discovery Zone aims to demonstrate class-leading solutions across all forms of communication – including digital, physical and a mixture of both.

It allows our people and clients to experience what’s possible, by creating interactions with examples of 3D printing, digital shelf edging, printed lightbox animation, friction-free payments, mobile shopping, screens, augmented reality, material science, bespoke lighting and modular floor systems.