Celebrating 500 years of Royal Mail

We've been helping Royal Mail celebrate its 500th anniversary with a series of films showcasing its memorable milestones.

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Linney Design has been helping Royal Mail celebrate 500 years of service to UK communities with a series of films showcasing its rich heritage and memorable milestones.

The films feature archive footage, photographs and artefacts spanning the five centuries since King Henry VIII established the first postal service.

From the launch of the world’s first adhesive stamp, the Penny Black, to the important role played by postmen and women during two world wars – including the delivery of mail to troops on the frontline – they tell the story of Royal Mail’s role at the heart of UK communication since 1516.

Linney Design film crews captured footage at Royal Mail’s museum and archives in London and Essex, and our team of animators and editors created a visual treatment that reflected the service’s landmark moments, culture and people.

The films were broadcast on internal and external internet channels, including YouTube, with Linney footage also made available for use by international broadcasters.