Commercial Manager


Department: Account Management

Location: Mansfield

Reference: 0440

Number of positions: 1


Job description

Our creative business is growing and offering more creative services and new channels to market utilising changing methods and management tools, with that in mind we are seeking to find a Commercial Manager.

You will be working with the Managing Director and leadership team to be responsible for ensuring that the company can function efficiently to collect commercial data and manage the decisions on estimates, work in progress, invoicing, and cash collection.

Forecasting on these key elements will be part of the weekly role together with developing business plans aimed at long-term business sustainability and growth.

Essential skills

There will be elements of negotiating new contracts with suppliers or customers on behalf of the business, preparing budgets with our centralised accounts team and working with other company managers to be part of the company strategy and direction.

You should also have excellent interpersonal and communication skills for dealing with everyone in the business and have the ability to listen to the needs and requirements of various stakeholders, and be able to effectively verbalise your own ideas. This role requires a constant connection to the business so you will be based at our Mansfield office.

Desirable skills

We are a developing marketing business so an understanding of industry trends, new tools and benchmarking will be an asset.


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