Caesars pleasers

How our creative collaboration hit the jackpot for casino giant


LAW Creative invited Linney Quadrant to assist in the conceptualisation and production of members’ packs for Caesars Entertainment Monogram and Monogram Diamond rewards programmes.

Memberships by invitation only and offered to Caesars Entertainment’s most valued customers – unlocking enhanced service and exclusive privileges. These packs have to reflect the quality look and feel of the benefits being delivered.


After several workshops with LAW Creative’s team, exploring various materials and luxury finishes, the concept was born and presented to the Caesars team.


The Monogram variation was produced using Colorplan Ebony substrate, along with silver, white and clear foils, subsequently die-cut and made up. The Monogram Diamond was produced with Colorplan Twist, offering a tactile and luxurious finish, foiled in silver and white using a chrome magnet to close.